Meet Yogi, the “Dog With a Human Face”

Internet gives us interesting and sometimes bizarre stories, and this one is one of them: a dog with a human-like face sends internet into frenzy.

Yogi is a Shih Tzu and a poodle mix and has shocked people as soon as his owner Chantal Desjardins started posting pictures of him on social media.

In the images, Yogi gazes directly at the camera with eyes and brows that can only be described as “human-like.” This fact is highlighted because in one of the pictures, he’s sitting next to his sister Darla, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu who has more conventional features you’d expect on a canine.

Before then, Chantal had never really noticed that her dog has the eyes of grown man. Her friends, understandably, “freaked out” over Yogi’s uncanny looks. Desjardins forgot about the photo until she learned that a “friend’s girlfriend’s brother” shared it on Reddit. From there, Yogi’s features rocketed him to internet fame.

Once the story became viral, scientists want to give their opinion as well; some suggests human brains recognize certain animal faces as “cute” or “human-like” as part of a phenomenon dubbed “baby schema.” Essentially, people see some facial features in animals, such as big eyes and round cheeks, that we typically associate with human babies.

While Chantal still sees her pet in the same way, others can’t help but notice that this dog looks like famous actors like Nicolas cage “dressed as an ewok”, or Yogi resembles to actors Jake Gyllenhaal or Paul Rudd.

Despite his undeniable human-like features (primarily his soulful eyes), Yogi is just your ordinary pup who “always wants to cuddle and play” according to owner. He remains unaware of just how unusual his fuzzy looks are.

Yogi and her owner Chantal can expect to have more than “15 minutes of fame”; if she continous to upload more and more pictures of her loved puppy she can expect to gain a massive list of followers.



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