Weird Japan: Unusual trends that only exist in Japan

Japan is one of the favorite destinations for western people. It’s another world.  It has it all: stunning sceneries, magnificent medieval castles and fabulous culture combined with futuristic fashion, videogames and tech-driven lifestyle.

A lot of trends originated in the Japan have gained pupularity on the rest of the world, but there are some trends that still remain unique to the country. We list some of these endemic trends enjoyed by japanese people:

Vending machines stuffed with questionable stuff

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Vending machines are found all over the world, but Japan sells some pretty interesting things in theirs. In the United States, a person might go to a vending machine to get a bottle of soda or some chips or maybe a gumball. In Japan, however, you can get everything from used underpants to corn chowder.

While purchasing things from a vending machine can certainly be convenient, there might be such a thing as going too far. It’s unlikely that vending machines will ever become quite as popular here as they are in Japan.

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