Weird Japan: Unusual trends that only exist in Japan

Owl cafes

Getty Images

Japan or already has cat or bunny cafes, but the lastest trend is definitely owl cafes. Some cafe shops let owls fly freely inside the place and people can touch or even interact with them. Other cafes keep owl inside cages and people only can see them.

But why are these animal-related cafes so popular? Well, most of these cafes are located in metropolitan areas like Tokyo or Osaka where workers live in small apartments and are not allowed to own pets. For cat, bunny or owl lovers these cafes let them coexist with the nature for a brief period of time inside the city.

The emerging of these cafes really attracted the attention of environmental groups that critize them, because they argue that these shops “rent pets” or animals can be harm. However, these shops must have special permissions and must fullfill all animal care requirements. Also, flash pictures are not allowed to avoid upsetting animals.


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